Pageant: No Direct Advances From My Contestants – Mr Stanley (CEO Miss Nigeria United Continent)

1. Hi, welcome
Thank you
2. May we know you.
My name is Mr Stanley Ekene Ezirim. I’m from Imo state, studied civil Engineering in Federal University of Technology Owerri 2010. Now the CEO of Horstan Event And Modelling Agency.
3. As a pageant CEO, how do you manage to sponsor your queens pet projects?
About my Queens pet projects.. They don’t look up to the company to sponsor their pet projects. We usually access the project they want to carry out and give them the cost estimate. Then allow them raising the money. 85% of the pet projects they’ve carried out are self sponsored. So my input to their pet projects is usually not much. Just 20% input which 10% goes to my presence and 10% to financial and moral support. So im to say, my input is too infinitesimal.
4. How many Pageant brand do you have?
I have two pageant.
Miss Nigeria United Continent and
Miss Eloquent Nigeria
 I’m also managing some other pageants which I can’t categorically say it’s mine.
Most Beautiful Girl in Okigwe
Miss Ugiri
Face of Nsukka
5. With the beautiful ladies contesting all the time, do you usually get advances from them?
Hahaha.. That’s very normal but not as thought by people outside the circle.
6. How do you cope with such advances?
Anyway.. I have not had any direct advances because I start by being close to my contestants and make them belive im their big bros. Also I’m too sensitive in reading a reverse action of ladies so I tend to disconnect as soon as possible.
7. In the Pageant industry today, there are quite a lot of controversies,scam and fraud. What do you have to say about it?
It’s everywhere.. even in religious organisations, schools, government.
One thing you must understand is
“Losers will always complain” they dont want to learn from their mistakes.
It’s very true that we have some pageants who dont have good motive foe their queens but just to collect from them.
We also have some pageant brands who have good plan for their queens but because things refuse to work as planned, they fall in this circle, scam.
My 1st Edition of Miss Nigeria United Continent. I declared to give official car and 500k. I did not just do it to get contestants but I was asked to go ahead by my sponsors. Though my sponsors didn’t agree to give a car.i just put that to attract
About 3weeks to the grand finale, they stopped picking my calls. And I was busy beating my chest telling my contestants the winners will get their money.
So in this case what will people call me? Scam for sure.
But i still Don’t blame some of our girls when they call us scam because they dont know all these and that’s not what they wanna hear. Everyone need to smile at the end. That’s Why I introduced method 3 and method 5 in my pageants.
8. Tell us your two biggest accomplishments so far in the industry.
First is organising a successful 3rd Edition of Miss Nigeria United Continent
And kept to 86% of my promise the the winners.
Secondly.. meeting a sponsor who does not want to detach from me.
The CEO of lesukaa lounge, restaurant and event centre Peter odili road port Harcourt.
9. What are your biggest challenges so far?
Loosing the relationship I have with my contestants especially those that fail to win and
Crowning the wrong queen. This is like marrying a bad wife honestly.
Mr Stanley
Mr Stanley
The first pageant I had in mind was miss eloquent Nigeria which I wanted to host in the year 2017. Until i met Queen Anita May Igoni who is the CEO of Miss Port Harcourt CITY through a friend. Anita suggested this name because of the franchise she has with the international brand. The pageant is a National pageant that’s open for every Nigerian. Port harcourt has been our host city and that does not mean our queens must be from port Harcourt. Our queens can come from any state in Nigeria. Currently MISS NIGERIA UNITED CONTINENT is 3. We have produced Humaniterian Queens that’s has won several awards for their great impact in the society.
11. Has any of your winners gone for an international Pageant? If No. Is there hope for any?
Yes..unfortunately Our queens are usually students and have little break for traveling for a contest. Hopefully, we would have a queen that would represent us outside the country.
12. Is there any Pageant CEO that you look up to?
A lot of them. 96% of them.
13. What would you like to change in the Pageant industry?
A lot.
1. Most pageant CEOs see this as competition and tend to talk down on other pageants unnecessarily.
2. Pageant queens who believe some pageants are lower. Once they win a crown, they now select pageants they go for. No issue with that but their reasons for the selection is very annoying. Example
* That the pageant is a state pageant while she has gone for national pageant.
* how can I go for two national pageants? I want to try international pageants.
* I dont want to go for any pageant I’m not sure of winning because I have won a crown before.
Keeping standard is very good but if the pageant organisation is upto the standard and can give you more platform to perform as a queen, then go for it.
3. Some contestants run away with pageants’ tickets. Some sell the tickets and use the money to prepare for another pageant. These same girls will call organisers scam.
14. Do you have any business asides owning a Pageant brand.
I own a business and also market researcher.
15. Where do you see MNUC in the next five years? 
Where every contestant will have a free slot to Register a child in Miss Nigeria United Continent primary and Nursery school.
16. How are your communication skills with your queens? Are you the busy type? Tell us.
98% … I’m not  a busy type when it comes to my queens. They are more like my pregnant  wives.
I respond to their chats and call more.
17. Do you have an antagonist in the industry right now?
Anything that does not receive attack is not of God.
But with God’s Grace, it’s fades quickly .
18. What advice do you have for other Pageant CEOs.
Do I really have what it takes to advice them?  But lemme say..
Let’s love ourselves and be more United
Thanks for being with us Mr Stanley.

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