Top 5 Nigerian Albums Of 2019.

Top 5 Nigerian Albums Of 2019.

2019 has really been a remarkable year for Nigerian artists ,arguably the best as we recorded an up shoot in the music scene.

The industry was also blessed with new buzzing talents who were assumed to have snatched the torch from our A list singers.

Over the years, releasing an album was seen as a difficult task to do especially in Nigeria as it requires incredible effort, vision and thought to craft, only those considered the best were the ones creating albums and getting accolades for it.

Furthermore, most artists focus more on singles making albums look so unimportant, an example is Davido who is arguably one of the best talents in the music industry.

This year saw him raise his tally to two despite creating monster hit singles and being in the industry for over a decade.

Interestingly, one cannot relegate the need for artists to create albums as it is still the prime platforms to showcase musicianship and artistry.

Whether one likes it or not, albums are also an important part of an artist’s career.

However, 2019 witnessed a paradigm shift as many artist recorded historic albums which only did not see them dominate their locality but also lifted them to a greater height around the globe.

Zacohit takes a look at some of the efforts and hard works put in place by some artists focusing on top 5 albums by our Nigerian artists.

The criteria considered include; warm reception from the fans, commercial success, content and impact it made within the music terrain and its influence outside the country.

Below is the list of top Nigerian 5 albums of 2019

5.“Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps” –Firboy

Released on the 29th of November, 2019 under Olamide’s YBNL.
The album belongs to the industry promising act. A debut album from the young talent is a no feature album which houses 13 exceptional tracks.

In addition, “LTG” is a product of amazing song-writing skill and vocal delivery which has been pulling some stunts on album charts.

Surprisingly, it has provided a major competition for already established acts. It made the no 5 on our list.

4.Woman of Steel” – Yemi Alade

Released on the 30th of August, 2019
Mama Africa proved she is truly a woman of steel with her 15-track project.

The album got 100 million streams within a short-while, it is also getting positive ratings from listeners, although one will say that the album did not hit the strides in terms of acceptance from the street, but it is one that made huge waves outside the shores of Nigeria. The album seats on the no. 4 position on our list.

3.Moral Instruction” – Falz

Probably the album that hit the ground running for 2019, released on the 15th of January, 2019.

The album was geared towards activism as Falz addressed societal and political stigmatization. “Moral Instruction” is a successful project and one that resonates with music lovers. It is a 9-track project which has received so many accolades. It is the 3rd album on our list

2. “A Good Time” – Davido


This album was released on the 22nd of November, 2019, a day after Davido’s 27th birthday.
It took the industry elite singer 7 whole years to double his tally since he last released his first album in 2013.
The  17 super tracks album features about 9 top talents within the country and beyond.
Moreso, “AGT” is not just toping charts within its territory, it is also getting international recognition, it recently made the number 160th position in the Rolling Stone magazine’s list of world best 200 albums of 2019. it seats comfortable on the no 2 position in our list.

1.“African Giant” – Burna Boy

Released on the 26th of July, 2019 by African King Burna Boy, this album is arguably the best album in the world as it has attracted attentions and a lot of praises from every corner of the world for its beautiful lyricism and powerful ability to project the story of the African society and its problems.
“African Giant” became the first ever modern Afro-Pop project to be nominated for a Grammy award in the World Best Album category

The 19-track albums definitely should never be questioned for sitting majestically as the no 1 album on our list.

This is our review and probably maybe not be your best but you actually have the opportunity to drop your opinion on the comment section provided below.

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